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Off-the-shelf vs Custom Developed Website

published : 05-10-2018

An online presence is very important for most businesses. Whether you sell through your website or not, consumers expect to find you online. Not having a website could potentially cause you to miss out on sales opportunities. However, just any website won’t do. Having a poorly built and designed website may become a hindrance rather than an opportunity.

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What is an Off-the-Shelf Website?

Off-the-Shelf templates are ready-made website layouts that are sold to clients and often no customization on layout, color scheme, font style and etc. can be made. This means that you will get a similar looking website with others who bought the same template.

What is a Custom Developed Website?

A custom developed website is created based on your specifications and accommodates your requirements. The website is specifically designed to suits your business’ goals and needs and complements your company’s organizational profile. A custom website is aligned with your business processes and can contain personalized features ranging from the design to key functionalities.

At Nuara Group, we also offer both options to provide flexibility to our clients. Having said that, we almost always advise our clients to get a custom develop website based on the following reasons:

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  1. Tailored to your business

  2. Custom developed websites are designed with your business in focus where the design, the features and functionalities are created according to your exact specification and unique to your business. This flexibility also allows for future changes. As your business changes and grows, your website can be adapted to reflect this progression.

  3. Customer service

  4. A good customer service is very important to ensure customer satisfaction. A custom developed website can always be revised in the event when your customer or even yourself report a complaint regarding its features, functions, design whereas an off-the-shelf template does not offer much customization or changes.

  5. Cost-efficient

  6. A custom developed website reduce unnecessary spending on features that are not needed. Save money on development costs by ensuring that you are getting tailored functions that suit your needs. Due to the nature of an off-the-shelf template, you won’t be able to exclude features that are not needed which means you may end up paying for something you do not use.

  7. Ownership

  8. A custom developed website is your intellectual property and copyrighted to your business and attributed unique to your company’s profile. No other company shall have the exact same website design as yours.

If you are just starting out to get a website or wish to revamp your existing one either an off-the-shelf template or custom developed website works well. However, it all depends on your budget and business needs. Have a short 10 minute consultation with Nuara Group to find out more on your website design and development options.

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