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Digital Transformation in The Isolation Economy: Redesigning your Business Processes for Digital Transformation

published : 12-06-2020

Digital transformation is often seen as risky, complicated and costly, and therefore impractical for many SMEs especially in the current economic climate. Contrary to that, current conditions make digital transformation essential for business survival.

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On 10th June 2020, Nuara Group participated as one of the Solution Toolbox providers in SGTech's The Isolation Economy Webinar Series (Digital Transformation - Redesigning Your Business Process).

The topics covered in the webinar includes:

a) Operations & Technology Road-mapping (OTR) framework as a planning tool to pivot your business strategy and,

b) Sharing by an industry practitioner on business transformation with digitalization.

Our Managing Director, Barbora Grexa, introduced our cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) system – Nuara ePRO – which helps organizations streamline their businesses’ purchasing activities and efficiently manage their entire supply chain cycle.

Starting from the user’s purchase requisitions to the delivery of goods or even the completion of services, Nuara ePRO enables businesses to fully leverage the data gathered to achieve strategic corporate spending while ensuring costs are being controlled. Nuara ePRO is a highly useful tool to support SCM and purchasing teams of any size.

Barbora Grexa summarizes the solution as follows: “What we have done is taken the paper-based purchase requisition process and simply transformed it into a seamless, automated electronic process.”

Employees can raise purchase requests online and submit these for approval to their supervisor. Supervisors can login through the cloud-based platform from anywhere at any time and review the submitted purchase requests. Once they are approved, they will follow certain key stages in the SCM cycle, such as SCM reviews, uploading of quotations, cost comparisons and purchase justifications.

This cycle continues all the way to cost control where the Finance department checks the assigned budgets for each job centers to issuing purchase orders and lastly the warehouse storekeeper who will update once the goods have been received or services rendered on-site.

During this entire process, Management has a real-time view and access of all purchase requests and issued purchase orders across the whole organization from one dashboard – helping to ease monitoring, control spending and improve business analytics.

If you are just starting out to get a website or wish to revamp your existing one either an off-the-shelf template or custom developed website works well. However, it all depends on your budget and business needs. Have a short 10 minute consultation with Nuara Group to find out more on your website design and development options.

Check out the full webinar here: Main Presentation and here: Solution Toolbox.

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