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Getting Started - website planning

published : 05-10-2018

If you are planning to create a website for your business, congratulations!

To get an excellent website design, always choose a company that offers consultation service as part of the package. Consultation is important as the sessions will give the graphic designer and web developer more insight about your company’s profile and the information that you want to capture and present on your website.

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Depending on your budget, you may choose either to get a static or dynamic website, to commission a customized website design or to use an off-the-shelf layout template. Do note that template won’t allow you to change the theme, layout, color scheme or font style. If you are unsure about the design and content of your desired website, it is advisable that you enquire with companies that offer both templated and custom developed websites as such companies will be able to provide you with an overview of possibilities according to your budget.

Whether you are choosing from a template or a customized website design, the process is generally the same. There are three stages in the website design and development process: Development, Implementation and Revision.

  1. Development

  2. In this stage, you and your website developer will work together to both design the website’s appearance and create its content. In this stage, your opinions, likes and dislikes are highly welcome as that will determine the outcome of the project.

  3. Implementation

  4. During the implementation stage, your website developer will create the website according to the specification discussed throughout the development stage. This is where the mock-up of your website is created and you will get the chance to see how the finish product may look. Any changes can be done in the revision stage that comes next.

  5. Revision

  6. You may request for any revisions to be made during this stage. Usually, revisions are done at no additional costs. It is important to that your chosen web design company follows a structured approach when creating your website – if not, be careful as it may not a very professional company and you may run into trouble further down the line. Do carefully check the terms and conditions of the website development package that you have chosen, especially the revision option in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

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